are gas molecules attracted to each other

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  • Do molecules attract or repel each other?

  • On the other hand to explain the surface tension it is usually said that molecules attract each other! Which one is correct: attraction or repulsion? Show activity on this post. Liquid molecules which are too close to one another will repel one another and liquid molecules which are too far apart will attract one another.

  • What happens when two molecules come very close to each other?

  • For example, when a liquid molecule comes very close to molecules of the container, it rebounds. The same thing is happening for two molecules coming very close to each other either near the surface or within the bulk of the liquid.

  • Why do we study the motion of gases?

  • When studying gases, we can investigate the motions and interactions of individual molecules, or we can investigate the large scale action of the gas as a whole. Scientists refer to the large scale motion of the gas as the macro scale and the individual molecular motions as the micro scale.

  • What determines the mass of a gas?

  • Because the molecules are free to move about in a gas, the mass of the gas is normally characterized by the density. Density is the mass per volume of a substance. On the macro scale, the properties of the gas can change with altitude and depend on the thermodynamic state of the gas.

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