can eating lettuce cause gas

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Does not cause gas

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  • Why does lettuce cause intestinal gas?

  • Intestinal gas is often the result of eating too much or eating too quickly, and eating beans, dairy products and leafy greens like lettuce can also have the same effect. The gas is often due to one or more constituents in the lettuce, but food contamination or an underlying digestive problem are also potential causes of gas.

  • Does lettuce make you poop?

  • Possible Solutions. Eating lettuce and other foods with fiber can benefit your digestive process by adding bulk to your stool, but eating too much fiber too quickly can lead to gas.

  • Can lettuce cause stomach pain?

  • It’s hard to believe that something as innocuous as lettuce could cause stomach pain. However, many people find that they have stomach cramps and diarrhea after eating salad, and sometimes it’s pretty severe. You may occasionally experience stomach pain after eating salads.

  • Can salad cause gas and cramps?

  • Or the hot peppers and spicy foods can do you in. Any of these ingredients can cause gas, cramps and diarrhea in some people. If you suspect it may be another food in your salad, do some experimenting. Slowly remove each component of the salad to narrow down what it is that is truly getting to the crux of matter, Dr. Sonpal says.

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