can fire alarms detect gas leaks

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Many smoke alarms also include carbon monoxide detectors today, however, a CO detector should be placed lower on the wall than most smoke alarms. And, you may be wondering whether a carbon monoxide detector can detect a gas leak. The answer isno. CO detectors cannot detect a gas leak.

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  • Can a gas leak detector be used instead of a smoke detector?

  • These units don鈥檛 run continuously, and cannot sense carbon monoxide and therefore cannot be used in place of carbon monoxide or smoke detectors. Spray: A gas leak detector spray is only effective if you manage to spray it on exactly the spot where the potentially explosive gas leak is occurring.

  • Do fire detectors detect natural gas or carbon monoxide?

  • Most fire detectors will detect carbon monoxide rather than natural gas. Again, this is because carbon monoxide is considered to be the greater threat: Though natural gas is more volatile, it is also more easily detected without a detector.

  • How much does a gas leak detector cost?

  • While safety is not something you should put a price on, it鈥檚 helpful to know what your affordable options for a gas leak detector include. For under $30, you can pick up a pen-style gas leak detector that is easy to use and can detect the presence of natural gas, liquid propane, butane, and methane.

  • What are combustible gas detectors and how do they work?

  • Combustible detectors use catalytic and infrared sensors, and since propane gas is heavier than air, detectors should be placed low to the ground. Toxic gases like carbon monoxide: Exposure to high levels of colorless odorless carbon monoxide (CO) from a leaking appliance or a vehicle running in an attached garage is harmful, and can be fatal.

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