can flex fuel cars use regular gas

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  • What kind of gas can you put in a flex fuel vehicle?

  • The flex-fuel designation generally means you can put E85 gasoline or regular unleaded gas in your vehicle. Does using regular gas in a flex fuel vehicle harm the engine?

  • Can a flex fuel vehicle run on E85?

  • A flex fuel vehicle can run on up to 85% ethanol. You can mix any proportions of E85 flex fuel and regular gas and your flex fuel vehicle will easily adapt to the mixture. It is not recommended to use E85 in gasoline-based vehicles.

  • What happens if you put flex fuel in a regular car?

  • If you accidentally put flex fuel in your regular vehicle, drive for about 60 miles and then top up the engine with about two gallons of regular gas. If you have an older car model, using flex fuel and allowing it to sit in the engine for long can cause some harm.

  • What is a flex-fuel vehicle?

  • Flexible fuel, also known as flex-fuel, is a fuel made of gasoline and ethanol or methanol. So, what is a flex-fuel vehicle?

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