can gas cause sharp pain in lower abdomen

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  • What are the symptoms of trapped gas in the stomach?

  • Gas Pains. You may also feel a knot in your stomach, swelling in your abdomen and most gas pain is typically intense but short. Eliminating the trapped gas will cause the pain to disappear. Pain that remains in your back should be evaluated because gas pain is commonly mistaken for heart disease, gallstones and appendicitis.

  • Why does my stomach hurt when I have gas?

  • Gas pain may occur if gas is trapped or not moving well through your digestive system. An increase in gas or gas pain may result from eating foods that are more likely to produce gas. Often, relatively simple changes in eating habits can lessen bothersome gas.

  • What does it mean when your lower abdomen Hurts on one side?

  • What鈥檚 Causing Your Severe Lower Abdominal Pain. A severe pain on either side of the lower abdomen can be a symptom of any of the following: Cystitis. Inflammation of the bladder that brings pain and a feeling of pressure. Endometriosis.

  • How do you know if you have gas pains?

  • Signs or symptoms of gas or gas pains include: Burping. Passing gas. Pain, cramps or a knotted feeling in your abdomen. A feeling of fullness or pressure in your abdomen (bloating) An observable increase in the size of your abdomen (distention)

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