can i use ebt cash for gas

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Fortunately, many gasstations across the country do accept EBTCardsand EBT-Cashcards. According to FoodStampsnow, this includes large chains like 7-Eleven, Cumberland Farms, and Exxon Mobil. GoBankingRate explains if you are using a TANF EBTCashcard at a location that accepts EBT, you can also useit to make gaspurchases.

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  • Can you buy gas with an EBT card?

  • But the answer is no. EBT card can鈥檛 be used to buy gas as this card is issued to purchase food items at the participating grocery stores. The gas station might run any mini-mart or small shop that may accept EBT card and they can display it by the signboard.

  • What can I Use my EBT cash benefits for?

  • EBT cash benefits are loaded onto your EBT card. You can use the card like a debit card, or to withdraw cash from participating ATMs. Once you have cash on hand, it can be used to purchase anything you want or need. Bonus tip: Check out our article on some lesser known things your EBT card can do for you! What can EBT cash benefits NOT be used for?

  • Where can I withdraw money from my EBT card?

  • Additionally, you can use your EBT card (loaded with EBT cash benefits) to withdraw funds from thousands of ATMs around the country, giving you even more freedom to use the funds as you see fit!

  • Are EBT cash benefits the same as WIC?

  • While EBT cash benefits are typically added to the same purchasing cards as SNAP and WIC benefits, they are not the same thing. SNAP and WIC can only be used to purchase approved food and grocery items, while EBT cash benefits can be used for almost anything. What can EBT cash benefits be used for?

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