can you burn wood in a gas fireplace

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Modification and complete safety checks are required before burning wood in the gas fireplace. A fireplace installed as a gas-only unit isnot designed to burn wood;it does not have the same type of ventilation,flue and firebox,and it isn’t designed to handle the creosote,smoke,ashes and soot that result from burning wood.

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  • Can a gas fireplace be converted to a wood burning fireplace?

  • Many gas fireplaces in older homes were once designed to burn wood, but later converted by adding a gas line. In either case, a fireplace installer can determine whether your fireplace can be converted to a wood-burning version. If it can be converted, the gas line is capped.

  • Can you burn wood in a chimney damper?

  • The damper allows you to adjust the ventilation required for burning wood; if it doesn’t function properly, you cannot safely burn wood. You may also need to have the chimney cleaned before converting to the fireplace to burn wood; the inspector will inform you of all such concerns.

  • Do you need a chimney inspection for a wood fire?

  • Chimney Inspection. Even if your fireplace can handle conversion to wood, the chimney and flue must be inspected to ensure they are in good condition; otherwise, harmful fumes and smoke may enter your home when you’re burning wood. A chimney inspector can determine whether the masonry, tiles and the damper are in good shape.

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