can you get gas at bj’s without a membership

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Non-members are still welcome to pump their gasat BJ鈥檚 gas stations, but they鈥檒l have to pay for non-member pricing. In contrast, Costco won鈥檛 even let you pump gas if you鈥檙e not a member. There are several membership tiers, but the most basic one will cost you $55 per year.

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  • How much is a gallon of gas at BJ鈥檚?

  • In Madison Heights, MI, the BJ鈥檚 location offers a per-gallon price of $3.94, which is also the lowest price in the city. Interestingly enough, this price tag ties with BJ鈥檚 two main competitors, Costco and Sam鈥檚 Club. The highest prices in the top ten come from Exxon, Marathon, and BP at $4.19.

  • Can I use coupons on BJ鈥檚 1-day online pass?

  • Guests enrolled in BJ鈥檚 1-Day Online Pass are not able to use clipped coupons, but will receive BJ鈥檚 wholesale price for 鈥淪hip It鈥?orders. Love BJ鈥檚 and want to become a member for a full year?

  • How much does a BJ membership cost?

  • BJ鈥檚 has several membership options, with the lowest annual membership starting at $55 a year (Inner Circle Membership) and the highest annual membership costing $110 a year (Perks Rewards Membership). While some may find it crazy to pay a fee for the right to shop, there are reasons why 5.5 million people are BJ members:

  • Does BJ鈥檚 Wholesale Club have a free trial offer?

  • Ninja Update: BJ鈥檚 Wholesale Club has ended the 3-month free trial offer. I鈥檒l update this post when it becomes available again. Scroll down for current BJ鈥檚 offers.

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