can you give a dog tums for gas

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  • Can dogs have Tums for an upset stomach?

  • Naturally, owners have wondered whether dogs can have Tums and if Tums are safe for dogs. Many veterinarians still recommend giving a dog Tums to treat an upset stomach. However, it鈥檚 not as common anymore because there are other alternatives to Tums for dogs that are made specifically as antacids. Contents.

  • How much TUMS can a dog have in 24 hours?

  • But 2 to 6 grams, over a 24 hour period, is a typical range. Providing Tums proportionally means you will likely need to break up the tablets before giving them to your dog. Caution: Very small breeds should only get a 1 gram or less dose.

  • Can I give my Dog TUMS and Pepto Bismol?

  • The answer is yes but always double-check with your veterinarian first. The dose for Tums is 0.5-5 grams by mouth once every four hours, and the dose for Pepto Bismol is 1 teaspoon by mouth per 5-10 pounds, given every 6-to-8 hours. But if your dog vomits up the Pepto-Bismol, call your veterinarian.

  • Can I give my Dog Tums for kidney disease?

  • Tums are usually safe to give normally healthy dogs who aren鈥檛 taking other medications, but you鈥檒l want to check with your veterinarian first. Also, some antacids are used to treat certain forms of kidney disease, but antacids such as Tums can make some types of kidney disease worse.

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