can you give a dog tums for gas

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  • How much TUMS can I give my Dog?

  • Just be sure to give a dose based on their body weight. Tums dosing for dogs ranges from as little as 1,200mg all the way up to 10 grams. But 2 to 6 grams, over a 24 hour period, is a typical range.

  • Can I give my Dog TUMS and Pepto Bismol?

  • The answer is yes but always double-check with your veterinarian first. The dose for Tums is 0.5-5 grams by mouth once every four hours, and the dose for Pepto Bismol is 1 teaspoon by mouth per 5-10 pounds, given every 6-to-8 hours. But if your dog vomits up the Pepto-Bismol, call your veterinarian.

  • Can I give my Dog Tums for heartburn?

  • As a dog owner, it might make sense to ask, 鈥渃an I give my dog Tums?鈥?Tums鈥?active ingredient is calcium carbonate (each tablet usually contains 1000 mg of calcium carbonate), an antacid that helps neutralize heartburn-causing acid in the esophagus and stomach.

  • What happens if a dog eats TUMS?

  • The sweetened Tums contain the sweetener xylitol, which is known to be toxic to dogs. You vet may also prescribe other antacids made specifically for dogs. In most cases, when dogs have upset stomachs, it is because they ate something that didn鈥檛 agree with them.

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