do gas stations have tire pressure gauges

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  • How do you check tire pressure at a gas station?

  • While you can check your tire pressure at home, it鈥檚 a lot easier to do it at a gas station where you have access to an air compressor. You can use a handheld gauge, a free-standing pressure gauge, or the pressure gauge on the handle of an older air compressor to measure your tire鈥檚 pressure.

  • How accurate are the air pressure gauges at the gas station?

  • The pressure gauges on the pumps at gas stations are usually inaccurate. On a recent trip to the air pump at the gas station, it measured 40psi in my one tire. Upon sticking my gauge and my friends gauge on, both read 32psi.

  • How does a tire pressure gauge work?

  • The traditional type of tire pressure gauges, the analog version uses no electricity to operate. It features a prominent main dial with a needle that moves according to the pressure behind it. You connect the end to the tire valve and the backflow of pressure interacts with the gauge.

  • Where to buy a tire pressure gauge in Canada?

  • Most petro-canada locations have this. The air is free. ANyways who uses the old style tire pressure gauges. You can get an accurate digital one from crappy tire on sale for 5 bucks. I bought mine 3 years ago and it still works perfectly, or at least it matches up with what the digital readout at petro canada says.

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