do gas stations have tire pressure gauges

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  • How do you check tire pressure at a gas station?

  • While you can check your tire pressure at home, it鈥檚 a lot easier to do it at a gas station where you have access to an air compressor. You can use a handheld gauge, a free-standing pressure gauge, or the pressure gauge on the handle of an older air compressor to measure your tire鈥檚 pressure.

  • How accurate are the air pressure gauges at the gas station?

  • The pressure gauges on the pumps at gas stations are usually inaccurate. On a recent trip to the air pump at the gas station, it measured 40psi in my one tire. Upon sticking my gauge and my friends gauge on, both read 32psi.

  • Where to buy a tire pressure gauge in Canada?

  • Most petro-canada locations have this. The air is free. ANyways who uses the old style tire pressure gauges. You can get an accurate digital one from crappy tire on sale for 5 bucks. I bought mine 3 years ago and it still works perfectly, or at least it matches up with what the digital readout at petro canada says.

  • How long do tire pressure gauges last?

  • I personaly prefer the pen type gauges, and find, if you use high quality ones, that they last longer. We have one for up to 200psi (we use 125 psi tires), that is used every day, on quite a few tires. It has lasted over 20 years now.

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