do safeway gas rewards expire

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  • Can I use my Safeway rewards points for gas?

  • The new rewards program allows you to earn reward points to use towards free groceries and cash discounts. You can still use the rewards points for savings on gas, but if you do not have a Safeway fuel center nearby, then the grocery rewards program will be a better option for you to shop and save at Safeway.

  • How does Safeway grocery rewards program work?

  • $1 = 1 point, so for every $100, you get 100 points, which = 1 Grocery Reward. There are also times when Safeway has 2x and 4x rewards points promotions and offers, so it鈥檚 easy for the points to accumulate quickly! Be sure to check your Just for U account under Rewards for your personal rewards. How does Safeway Grocery Rewards Program Work?

  • When do myrewards expire?

  • Rewards expire at the end of each month, so be sure to use the reward points in the given month before they expire. The app and website tell you how many points you have, the number of rewards, and how many points are needed until your next reward.

  • How do I redeem my Safeway Club rewards?

  • Customers redeem their Rewards by simply swiping their Safeway Club Card, or by entering their phone number at the pump before fueling up. Points are earned based on whole dollars spent on eligible purchases (for example, spend $5.25 and earn 5 points).

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