do you need gas for flux core welding

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No need

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  • Do flux core welders need a gas tank?

  • This is why there is no need for a gas tank for the flux core. People have a traditional belief in them that only stick welding is the best method to do outdoor welding. The flux core welding method has changed the situation now.

  • Can I use flux core only wire for MIG welding?

  • A flux core only wire welder is already set up for MIG gun negative. So you use self shielded flux cored wire. You get more smoke and fumes with self shielding flux core welding wire. Keep your head out of the plume rising from the weld. The welds themselves are not as pretty. But look fine. Self shielding flux core wire is more expensive to buy.

  • Which shielding gas should you choose for flux-cored welding?

  • The two most common (but not exclusive) shielding gases used with the FCAW-G process are carbon dioxide (CO2) and a binary blend of 75% argon (Ar) / 25% CO2. Other blends, such as 80% Ar / 20% CO2, can also be used. So which shielding gas, 100% CO2 vs. an Ar/CO2 blend, should you choose for your flux-cored welding?

  • Does MIG welding need gas?

  • Now you鈥檝e learnt that MIG welding does need gas. But that gas does not have to come from a separate compressed gas tank. Gasless Flux Core welding wire in either a MIG welder or a Flux Core only Welder can provide the gas to shield your weld.

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