does anxiety cause gas

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  • Can gas make you anxious?

  • No matter what causes your gas, gas itself can actually lead to further anxiety. Overwhelming gas can cause both stomach pains and chest pains, and – depending on where you are – you may experience additional anxiety by trying not to pass that gas in public.

  • Can anxiety cause gas and bloating?

  • This can cause the bacteria in your body to build up and produce excess gas and bloating. This is why irritable bowel syndrome is also often connected to, or aggravated by, anxiety.

  • Why do panic attacks cause gas?

  • This often occurs unintentionally, as during a panic attack most people鈥檚 breathing patterns change significantly (i.e. – breathing more rapidly). Once the air is inside your body, it starts can cause pressure that needs to be released, which results in gas.

  • Can anxiety cause gas and hyperventilation?

  • Oxygen Release Similarly, those with anxiety and panic attacks are more likely to suffer from hyperventilation. Hyperventilation is when there is too much oxygen in your blood. Eventually that oxygen needs to be dispelled, and gas may be the result. Digestion Issues Anxiety causes stress on your gastrointestinal system.

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