does apple cider vinegar help bloating and gas

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  • How do I use apple cider vinegar for bloating?

  • Adding a tablespoon of ACV to a small glass of warm water and then drinking it before or after a meal or when a person feels bloated is all they need to do. A number of drinks, salad dressings, and other foods also contain ACV that may help to relieve symptoms of bloating. Some people who do not enjoy the taste may choose to take ACV capsules.

  • Does apple cider vinegar help with gas and indigestion?

  • The researchers found that apple cider vinegar actually made the symptoms worse, calling into question the credibility of recommending apple cider vinegar for indigestion and gas. Taking vinegar for gas may have a placebo effect at best, but apple cider vinegar digestion remedies probably won鈥檛 work.

  • Is apple cider vinegar good for your gut?

  • Some sources claim that the acetic acid in ACV (which is the common ingredient in all vinegars, not just ACV) is good for your gut because it kills the harmful bacteria. This is a common misconception. As we mentioned earlier, your stomach acid is much more potent that acetic acid.

  • Should I stop taking apple cider vinegar for acid reflux?

  • If you experience acid reflux or heartburn after consuming ACV, you should stop using it. While some people have low stomach acid, others have too much. The symptoms for both conditions are very similar. If consuming ACV makes your digestive symptoms worse, it鈥檚 possible that you have excess stomach acid.

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