does caustic gas hurt teammates

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Respawn EntertainmentCaustic’s Nox Gas abilities have been known to interfere with his teammates’ gameplay. Many players have complained about the fact that Caustic’s ‘Nox Gas’ abilities temporarily slow and blind anyone, including teammates, who find themselves trapped among them.

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  • Do caustic’s gas traps affect my teammate’s movement speed or damage?

  • Do Caustic’s gas traps or ultimate gas grenade affect my teammate movement speed or do damage? I haven’t heard my teammates complain about it. Also I can’t test it with my friends because they don’t have the game. Show activity on this post. As far as I can tell, it does not deal damage.

  • Is caustic a good legend?

  • Caustic is a Defensive Legend with a slower playstyle, as he excels in holding a position and breaking down enemy attacks. His Nox Gas Trap s and Nox Gas Grenade s damage and slow enemies while highlighting them for him with his Nox Vision , giving him and his squad opportunities to wipe them out in the ensuing chaos.

  • How does NOX gas work with caustic?

  • Caustic is immune to the effects of Nox Gas whether it belongs to him or an enemy Caustic. Enemies inside the gas created from your Nox Gas Trap s and Nox Gas Grenade s abilities are highlighted green, similar to Digital Threat Optics. This vision is obstructed by walls or other obstacles.

  • What is caustic’s ability?

  • Caustic is a deadly Defensive Legend with poisonous gas-based abilities. His tactical ability Nox Gas Trap places canisters that fire out toxic gas when damaged or when an enemy comes near them.

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