does costco gas sell diesel

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Yes, Costco sells diesel fue l. Kirkland Signature diesel is available at Costco select locations. Kirkland is a signature brand of Costco. Besides regular unleaded and premium-grade gasoline, Costco gas stations have Kirkland鈥檚 diesel which is known to have improved engine performance and efficiency.

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  • Does Costco have lowest diesel prices?

  • Costco has some of the lowest gas prices around, and this includes their diesel prices. While it is hard to pinpoint exactly what their gas will cost, since the price will fluctuate depending on where you are located, you can assume it will be lower than their competitors. And don鈥檛 think that this is because Costco gas isn鈥檛 high quality, it is!

  • Is the fuel at Costco Fuel stations clean?

  • Costco fuel stations are well-maintained by our capable attendants so you may be confident that the fuel going into your car is clean. Costco uses fuel filters in the petrol pumps to catch particles or debris larger than 10 microns in diameter. For comparison, the average human hair is seventy microns thick.

  • Does Costco gas have ethanol?

  • If you refuel with Costco 91 unleaded, the gas will not have ethanol, thanks to its Top Tier quality. However, the Kirkland Signature gasoline contains 10 percent ethanol as required by the law. You can use an app, such as GasBuddy or the Costco app to check the price of fuel at your nearest Costco gas station before you drive out.

  • What is the cheapest diesel gas to buy?

  • Costco gasoline, including their diesel gas, is some of the cheapest, highest quality fuel you can find out there today. Jeff is an automotive technician, technical writer, and Managing Editor. He has held a lifelong passion for cars, with a particular interest in cars like the Buick Reatta.

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