does cruise control waste more gas

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Cruise control does not waste gas鈥攊t actually does the opposite! If you鈥檙e driving on mostly level ground, using cruise control can help your car save gas and increase gas mileage. However, you should turn off cruise control if you鈥檙e driving through rolling hills.

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  • Does cruise control really save gas?

  • Even if the jury is out on just how much cruise control really saves on gas, the use of cruise control has some other benefits as well. Reduce fatigue. Long trips can be very exhausting in more ways than one.

  • Does cruise control on the freeway improve fuel economy?

  • It’s been an accepted truth for some time that if you use cruise control on the freeway that you will get better fuel economy. The function of cruise control is to maintain the speed limit without having to be on and off the gas.

  • How does cruise control work?

  • Cruise control mimics the actions of a human driver by adjusting the throttle. However, instead of pressing down on the gas pedal, it uses something called an actuator to control the throttle.

  • Should you use cruise control when commuting?

  • Today, most drivers are well-accustomed to the use of cruise control. This tends to be the case, especially among those who routinely make lengthy commutes along a given highway when taking trips, or commuting to and from work.

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