does driving in neutral save gas

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Not going to save gas

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  • Does a car use more fuel when it’s in neutral?

  • A: That depends. The engine isn’t braking the car going downhill if the transmission is in Neutral, so economy would seem to be high. But if you think the engine is still using fuel while coasting downhill in gear, you’re laboring under a misconception.

  • Does coasting in neutral while idling save gas?

  • However, one driving technique that some associate with fuel economy 鈥?coasting in neutral as the engine is idling 鈥?has little to do with effective hypermiling, reports Popular Mechanics. Not only does it not save gas, but it is unsafe.

  • Are You wasting gas when you put your car in neutral?

  • And that’s when the scan tool or oscilloscope will show injector dwell rise from 0 to 5 to 10 percent. So you’re actually wasting gas by putting your car into neutral. I hear this argument as well: My car-mileage-information computer goes wild with increased mileage while coasting.

  • What happens if you drive a car in neutral on hills?

  • So, don鈥檛 coast down a hill in Neutral in either a manual or automatic transmission, you won鈥檛 save fuel and you could break your transmission when you move from Neutral to a Gear, oh, and you won鈥檛 have any way of accelerating when you鈥檙e in Neutral, so your vehicle control is greatly reduced.

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