does driving in neutral save gas

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  • Does neutral save fuel in an automatic car?

  • In an automatic, there are fewer uses for Neutral. One of the biggest misconceptions about Neutral is you can save on fuel by using Neutral to coast to a stop while driving.

  • How much gas does it take to drive a car in neutral?

  • Using that as a guide, if a car is coasting in neutral down a mile-long hill at an average speed of 30 mph, about .033 gallons of gas are consumed.

  • Does neutral affect fuel consumption when driving on hills?

  • Unfortunately, it doesn鈥檛 work like this for vehicles. See, when you take either your manual or automatic out of gear and into Neutral when driving down a hill you end up using, at the minimum, the same amount of fuel and perhaps more because the engine is still working and the fuel is still flowing.

  • Does coasting in neutral while idling save gas?

  • However, one driving technique that some associate with fuel economy 鈥?coasting in neutral as the engine is idling 鈥?has little to do with effective hypermiling, reports Popular Mechanics. Not only does it not save gas, but it is unsafe.

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