does gas x constipate you

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No:Simethicone breaks up big gas bubbles into little gas bubbles,easing gas’pain’-it is the main ingredient in gas x. Should not cause constipation. Does gas x cause constipation or diarrhea? Per Drugs. com: Gas – x’es active ingredient,simethicone,has no known side effects. Will gas x cause constipation?

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  • Does gas X cause diarrhea?

  • 鈥淒oes Gas X cause Diarrhea?鈥?鈥?Nope, it doesn鈥檛 cause you extra pain. 鈥淗ow about side effects, are there side effects for using it?鈥?鈥?There aren鈥檛 known side effects of Gas X; just, of course, you know making your life easier. And more than that, it works fast! So how long does it take for Gas X to work?

  • Will gas X (simethicone) cause constipation?

  • Will gas x cause constipation? the foods that help avoid constipation often cause gas so i’m hoping gas x can just eliminate the gas. Not likely: Gas-x (simethicone) basically breaks large gas bubbles into smaller ones that can easily be passed.

  • Is gas-X safe for stomach gas?

  • In terms of overall safety, the utter lack of Gas-X side effects makes it an ideal product for managing the symptoms of stomach gas. Its manufacturer also points out that it鈥檚 helpful for beating bloating and handling heartburn as well.

  • Why does constipation make you gassy?

  • One reason for that is that constipation causes waste materials to stay in your body longer than they should. One of the constipation side effects that can result from that is a build up of bacteria in the intestines and other areas of the body. Many of the resulting bacteria types can then produce more gas.

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