does higher octane gas last longer

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  • Why is 91 octane fuel better than 87 octane?

  • This degradation results in a decrease in octane value in a matter of months, even more so when stored improperly. Fuels with octane ratings of 91 or more are better refined and contain hydrocarbons that are much more stable than in 87 octane fuel.

  • How long does 93 octane fuel last?

  • As a result of the further refinement and stable hydrocarbons, 93 octane fuel can last up to nine months when properly stored. Nine months is a significant increase from 87, which lasts about three months.

  • Does premium gasoline last longer?

  • Sadly, there’s nothing in premium gasoline that would make it last longer than other fuels from the pump. Since the distinguishing feature is the higher-octane levels, the only real benefit you gain is lowering the chance of engine knocking, which isn’t much of a threat on most modern fuel systems.

  • What Octane is best for fuel stability?

  • It鈥檚 important to quickly review what octane is to dive deeper into fuel stability issues. At most gas stations throughout the US, octane ratings are typically presented as a number, 87 to 93. This number is the AKI (Anti-Knock Index).

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