does premium gas help mpg

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Premium gas onlyincreases your MPGif you drive a vehicle that requires premium gasoline. And even that is sort of a misconception. Premium gasoline in a vehicle that requires premium gasoline doesn鈥檛 鈥渋ncrease鈥?your MPG. It just keeps your vehicle operating properly, so you get the MPG that you should be getting.

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  • Should you use regular or premium gas in your car?

  • If your car doesn鈥檛 ping using regular, then there鈥檚 no reason to use premium. The anti-knock level is just fine for your engine. And today鈥檚 advanced engine controls adjust the engine鈥檚 timing and fuel mixture to compensate for differing octane levels to prevent pinging or knocking. Many cars only require regular gas.

  • What is premium gas and why should you care?

  • Simply put, premium gas has higher octane, which allows certain vehicles to gain more energy from using it. Cars with higher compression ratios or turbo or supercharged engines draw in more air during regular operation. However, that extra air needs higher octane fuel to keep the air/fuel mixture from igniting prematurely.

  • Is premium fuel better than regular fuel?

  • In fact, depending on its blending, a premium fuel may actually contain less energy per unit volume than regular. However, its potential for producing more power and enhanced mpg goes back to MBT and that knock sensor. If premium is recommended, this is the engine’s optimal fuel.

  • Does premium gas make your engine last longer?

  • Even so, many drivers think that giving their engine a 鈥渟pecial treat鈥?will help it last longer. Premium gas costs more and has a higher octane rating. Therefore, people often think it鈥檒l reduce engine wear. While a tank of premium may help an engine in other ways, using premium fuel once in a while doesn鈥檛 really make sense.

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