how are liquids and gases alike

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  • How are solids liquids and gases alike?

  • How are solids, liquids and gases alike? How are solids, liquids and gases alike? Matter, or something that has mass and takes up space, can exist in different states including solids, liquids, and gases, as well as the lesser known plasma, and Bose-Einstein condensates.

  • How do gases move from solid to liquid to gas?

  • In general, a substance moves from a solid to a liquid to a gas as the temperature increases, and it moves in the reverse direction when the temperature decreases. The molecules in a gas move more rapidly and are more spread out than those in a liquid, which in turn are faster moving and further apart than the molecules in a solid.

  • What are the characteristics of gases?

  • Gases are a type of physical matter that has no definite shape or volume. This means gas particles have a lower density than the other three states of matter, which include solid, liquid, and plasma. Gases lack a fixed shape because they can be compressed into any container- even something as small as an air bubble in the water!

  • What are the similarities between the three states of matter?

  • These three states also have many similarities with one another, for example, both solids and liquids can flow but only liquids can turn into vapor when heated up enough whereas with gases this does not happen because they need to turn into plasma first. Furthermore, all three states of matter are required to have atoms and molecules.

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