how can a fishermen save gas

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  • How can we reduce the demand of fish in the ocean?

  • according to the fish status. Avoiding the endangered species of fish will help lower the demand and reduce the number of fish caught by the fishing companies. 4. Ban the illegal practice Illegal fishing practice done by the irresponsible group will only leave chaos to the ocean life.

  • How to manage fishing stocks?

  • Hopefully, the fish stock number can always be under the control. 2. Establish catch chares Catch shares are an advanced way of managing fishing. This program gives a specific portion of the year鈥檚 overall catch limit to individual fishermen, or a group of fishermen, for their exclusive use.

  • How can we solve the problem of overfishing?

  • Scientists recommend to eliminate global subsidies to relieve the tremendous pressure on overfishing and vulnerable deep-sea ecosystems. Subsidies need to be given to the small fishermen to help them improve their prosperities. 12. Increase the tax for huge fishing companies Tax for the huge fishing companies must be increased.

  • How to save the marine ecosystem?

  • According to fishery scientist, it鈥檚 better to eat less of the big fish and more of their prey like anchovies, herring and sardines. Consuming more small fish can rebalance the marine ecosystem and reduce the demands for big fish. 11. Eliminate the subsidies

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