how long does gas last

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Six months

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  • How long does gasoline last?

  • What factors affect its longevity? Average gasoline you obtain from a gas pump will last anywhere from three to six months depending on its age and ethanol content. Higher ethanol content shortens lifespan, while purer gasoline will last longer.

  • What is the shelf life of gas?

  • However, the shelf life of gas varies based on the type of gas you鈥檙e using, what you鈥檙e storing it in (e.g., a gas tank, plastic container, or jerry can), and if you鈥檙e using stabilizer. In fact, with a stabilizer, gasoline can sit for up to 3 years without going bad.

  • How long does gas last in a sealed container?

  • According to Exxon Mobil, gas in a sealed container is estimated to last for approximately six months, give or take a month or two. When left unused, it begins to oxidize, degrade, and lose combustibility.

  • How long does gasoline last with stabilizer?

  • Depending on the product, the stabilizer can increase gasoline shelf life to between one and three years. Stabilizers work best when you mix them with new gasoline; they鈥檙e ineffective at slowing the degradation of old gas, and they can鈥檛 return contaminated gas to working order.

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