how long does gas stay good

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3 to 6 months;

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  • How long does gasoline last before it goes bad?

  • Many factors play into how long gasoline is 鈥済ood鈥?for, including how it鈥檚 stored, ethanol levels, the time of year, and more. Generally, properly stored gas can last between 3 to 6 months; if you add fuel stabilizers, you can extend its shelf life by a year or so (under optimal conditions, of course).

  • What is the shelf life of gas?

  • However, the shelf life of gas varies based on the type of gas you鈥檙e using, what you鈥檙e storing it in (e.g., a gas tank, plastic container, or jerry can), and if you鈥檙e using stabilizer. In fact, with a stabilizer, gasoline can sit for up to 3 years without going bad.

  • How long does gas stay good in a gas tank?

  • It turns out that a gas tank is among the worst places to store your gas. Ethanol-blended gas will start to degrade inside your gas tank within just 1 month. Pure gas will sit well for slightly longer, but not by much, especially in humid locales.

  • How long does E10 Gasoline last?

  • If this happens, the gas absorbs the water, which causes the fuel to separate into layers of ethanol and gas. As a result, the gas becomes less combustible and 鈥済oes bad.鈥?For the most part, E10 ethanol-blended gasoline will last only about 3 months.

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