how much does gas cost in new york city

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$68 per month

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  • Where can I find gas prices in New York City?

  • (search by city or ZIP code) 鈥? Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update 鈥?Energy Information Administration

  • What are the gas prices in New York City 2021?

  • Gasoline prices per litre, octane-95: We show prices for New York City from 18-Oct-2021 to 24-Jan-2022. The average value for New York City during that period was 1. 02 U. S. Dollar with a minimum of 1. 00 U. S. Dollar on 18-Oct-2021 and a maximum of 1. 03 U. S. Dollar on 01-Nov-2021.

  • Can you get better energy prices in NYC?

  • In states with energy deregulation, such as New York, you can choose among competitive energy suppliers that offer a better price per kWh, than the one from your local utility. How much power does NYC use per day?

  • What is the average price of gasoline in the world?

  • For comparison, the average price of gasoline in the world for this period is 1.69 U.S. Dollar. Use the drop menu to see the prices in gallons. New York City: The data for the country and other countries in our database are obtained from official government sources, regulatory agencies, petroleum companies, and major media sources.

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