how much gas when light comes on

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2 gallons

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  • How much fuel is left when fuel light comes on?

  • Each has approximately 1/16 of a tank left when the fuel light comes on. And all vehicles have 35 to 75 miles remaining.

  • How many miles can you drive with the gas light on?

  • In general, most vehicles will travel 30 to 50 more miles before the gas tank is empty. Some models like Nissan Altima can travel more than 100 miles once the low fuel light comes on, but F-150 trucks are only meant to travel around 35 more miles.

  • How far will a Mazda Go when fuel light comes on?

  • And 67 to 90 miles are left before a Mazda is completely dry. Nissan vehicles last the longest when your fuel light comes on. Depending on the model, each has 2 to 3 gallons leftover in the tank. Plus, it should be able to go 60 miles before hitting the gas station.

  • How many gallons of fuel does a car have left?

  • It depends on the make and model of the vehicle. Most vehicles are going to have at least 1.9 gallons left in the tank. Modern cars have, on average, 2 to 3 gallons of reserve. Is it bad to drive your car when on empty or the fuel light on?

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