how much is gas in nj right now

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$2.95 per gallon

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  • How much is a gallon of gas in New Jersey?

  • The average price for a gallon of regular gas in New Jersey is $4.335 on Monday, March 14, just shy of the record-setting average of $4.379 last Thursday, AAA says. The average price nationally is $4.325 on Monday. Mid-grade and premium are both higher, at $4.687 and $4.865, respectively, and diesel is over $5, according to AAA.

  • What is the average gas price in each state?

  • State Gas Price Averages State Regular Mid-Grade Premium Diesel Hawaii $4.021 $4.226 $4.484 $4.320 Iowa $2.954 $3.087 $3.507 $3.092 Idaho $3.494 $3.655 $3.853 $3.568 Illinois $3.363 $3.726 $4.106 $3.303 47 more rows …

  • Are there any external links to the New Jersey fuel economy website?

  • The links below are to pages that are not part of the We offer these external links for your convenience in accessing additional information that may be useful or interesting to you. (search by city or ZIP code) 鈥?

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