how much more is premium gas than regular

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60 cents more per gallon

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  • Is premium gas worth the extra cost?

  • Premium has special or extra detergents in it that are worth the added cost. I will void my warranty if my owner’s manual calls for premium and I use regular unleaded. Using regular gas in a car designed for premium will definitely damage the engine. Premium gas gives you more miles per gallon than regular gas.

  • How much energy is in a gallon of premium gas?

  • The exact amount of energy in each gallon of premium or regular gas will vary from company to company, depending upon what kind of additives they use. In actual fact, you’ll get a greater range of fuel economy between different brands of regular gas, than you will between the same manufacturer’s regular and premium gasses.

  • Does premium gas increase the speed of a car?

  • Though premium gas may prevent carbon deposits in the engine when compared to regular gas it does not benefit in speed. If the engine is designed to perform at a higher octane that means the car would have optimum speed. But in a worst case scenario, the pre-ignition could damage the engine when you use lower octane fuel in such a car.

  • What is premium gasoline?

  • Premium gas is usually considered to be any gasoline that has an octane level of 91 or higher. You鈥檒l usually see these listed on pumps as 91 or 93. Sometimes, 93 octane will be listed as 鈥渟uper-premium鈥?or 鈥渦ltra.鈥?/div>Premium vs. Regular Gasoline | U.S. News World Report

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