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  • How many times a day does the average person pass gas?

  • Healthy adults pass gas between 10 and 25 times per day. As you get older, however, you’re more likely to take medications, gain weight, become lactose intolerant and have other issues that lead to an increase in gas. So, it’s not necessarily the age that’s leading to the tooting 鈥?it’s all the other stuff.

  • Is it normal to have intestinal gas every day?

  • As uncomfortable and socially undesirable as intestinal gas may be, it鈥檚 important to mention that it’s entirely normal, and generally an indication that things are working as they should be. People pass gas 12 to 20 times per day on average, and men typically pass more gas than women. But just because it鈥檚 normal,…

  • What should I do if I’m passing more gas than normal?

  • If you think you’re passing more gas than normal, your doctor may ask you to count how many times you pass gas daily. They may also recommend that you start a food and drink journal to see if the gas is related to your diet.

  • Do older adults pass gas more frequently?

  • It was self-reported (how often do you toot daily?) and found that older adults don’t necessarily pass gas (or admit to it) more frequently than younger adults. But some do, and there are real reasons for this. Healthy adults pass gas between 10 and 25 times per day.

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