how to check for natural gas leak

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  • How to tell if you have a gas leak?

  • How to Detect Gas Leak 1 See if your home has a rotten egg or sulfuric smell. 2 Listen for a hissing or whistling noise near your appliances or pipes. 3 Check if the flames on your gas stove are orange or yellow instead of blue. 4 Watch for a white cloud or dust moving near your gas lines. See More….

  • What is a natural gas leak?

  • A natural gas leak occurs when a gas line or gas appliance springs a leak. The natural gas in the pipeline seeps out and leaks into open areas. Natural gas leaks are more likely to happen with old gas linesthat are exposed begin to corrode. The outer material of the pipe wears away over time until small hairline fractures occur.

  • What should I do if my gas line is leaking?

  • When you’re not sure where the leak is coming from, play it safe by opening your windows for ventilation and turning off both your gas line and pilot lights. Then, make sure to call the fire department for help with the gas leak.

  • How to detect LPG leakage?

  • Using your nose is the first step to detect LPG gas leakage. The first hint would be the smell of rotten cabbage or rotten eggs. An odourant 鈥?Ethyl Mercaptan 鈥?is added to the naturally odourless LPG for the aid in detection of leaks. 1. Using Your Nose

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