how to check gas valve on furnace

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Check underneath the valve on the side of the box. It will have a hole covered by a metal cap. For many furnaces, you can remove the cap by rotating it counterclockwise. Set the cap aside to reveal the open port. This port allows you to monitor the gas pressure while adjusting the valve.

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  • How to troubleshoot furnace gas valves?

  • Troubleshooting Furnace Gas Valves 1 Check to see if the pilot light is on. If not, follow the manufacturer鈥檚 instructions for relighting the pilot light. It… 2 Check to see if the thermocouple or thermopile is generating enough voltage to keep the safety valve open. If not, you… More …

  • How do I check the pressure on my gas furnace?

  • Check the safe pressure setting listed near the valve. Look all over the furnace for some stickers placed by the manufacturer. They contain a lot of valuable information, including the correct pressure settings for the gas valve. The pressure listings are often on the access panel itself, but they can also be on one of the other exterior panels.

  • What is a furnace gas valve?

  • A furnace gas valve is a component of your furnace鈥檚 fuel system. The furnace gas valve opens and closes, which allows the flow of gas to the pilot light and burner (s).

  • How do you replace a gas valve on a furnace?

  • Take out the bolts in the service panel on the side of the furnace using a nut driver. Locate the gas valve, which is typically near the bottom of the unit, positioned next to the pilot light. Look for the two wires clipped to the solenoid terminals on the top or side of the gas valve. Pull the wires off the gas valve terminals.

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