how to clean gas fireplace logs

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How to Clean a Gas Log FireplaceMake Sure Gas is Turned Off. Before you start to do ANYTHING,turn off the gas! …Disassemble the Fireplace. This step will depend on the design of your fireplace. …Inspect and Brush. …Vacuum Away Dust and Cobwebs. …Polish Glass and Metal. …Wipe Down Mantle and Hearth. …Reassemble the Gas Fireplace. …Check Your Exteriors. …

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  • How to clean a gas fireplace?

  • Brush off the gas logs. Remove the gas logs from the fireplace and take them outside for cleaning. Use a soft paintbrush to brush away any dirt or debris from the logs. Be gentle with your brushing because you don鈥檛 want to damage the fragile logs.

  • How should I clean my gas logs before using?

  • Before cleaning your gas logs, make sure they’re cool to the touch to avoid burns. Then, place them on some newspaper before removing them from the fireplace to prevent soot contamination.

  • Do gas logs in a fireplace need to be replaced?

  • In case they are plugged, try using a pipe cleaner on them. Thanks! Do gas logs in fireplaces ever need replacement? Yes, but not frequently. Gas logs made of ceramic will usually last longer than ones made of cement. Though the material itself rarely degrades, its appearance may after many years.

  • How do you clean soot off of logs?

  • A small paintbrush or nylon scrub brush will reach soot in the cracks of the logs. You do not need to dip the brushes in water. Another option for cleaning includes using a vacuum cleaner to lift the soot. Some vacuums also have soft brush attachments that you can use to dislodge soot stuck in the cracks.

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