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  • How do you use the ideal gas law in chemistry?

  • The ideal gas law relates pressure, volume, the molar amount of the gas, and its temperature. It’s given by the equation: P is pressure of the gas in atmospheres (atm). V is volume of the gas in liters (L). n is the amount of gas in moles. T is the temperature of the gas in Kelvin (K). Let’s go through some examples using the ideal gas law.

  • What are the most useful gas laws to know?

  • This is one of the most useful gas laws to know because it can be used to find pressure, volume, number of moles, or temperature of a gas. The formula for the ideal gas law is: Sometimes, you may use another version of the ideal gas law: One of the easiest applications of the ideal gas law is to find the unknown value, given all the others.

  • What are the 4 variables in the ideal gas law?

  • The ideal gas law has four variables in it: moles, temperature, pressure, and volume. In this lesson, we will practice using the ideal gas law to calculate pressure, temperature and volume of gases.

  • Do we need to use the ideal gas law twice?

  • We are being asked to change the conditions to a new amount of moles and pressure. So, it seems like the ideal gas law needs to be used twice. 2) Let’s set up two ideal gas law equations: P1V1= n1RT1

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