how to drain motorcycle gas tank

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  • How do you drain bad gas from a motorcycle?

  • There are a few ways to drain bad gas from a motorcycle. Such ways include disconnecting the fuel line from the carburetor and letting it drain into a container, removing the gas tank completely and draining it, or using a siphon pump. You鈥檒l also need to do a thorough clean of the carburetor if you have one.

  • How to fix a motorcycle fuel tank that won鈥檛 fill?

  • Drain the excess fuel and unhook all the gas and vacuum lines. If your bike comes with fuel valves connected to the tank, you also want to remove those. Disconnect all the valves, sensors, and lines from your tank as well as bolts that hold it in place. You need to block your fuel tank before you put in the diesel and ball bearings.

  • How do you tank a motorcycle gas tank?

  • You鈥檒l need to tank the tank off the motorcycle if it鈥檚 still connected. The first thing you鈥檒l need to do is rinse out the tank using a high pressure hose. Leave the gas cap off and leave the petcock holes open so the water can run out.

  • How do you drain the fuel from a carburetor hose?

  • Place a shop rag around the end and pull it off the carburetor spigot. Redirect the loose hose end to the nozzle of an open and empty portable gas can. Turn the fuel valve to the On position, opening the fuel flow from the gas tank. Let the gas drain out.

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