how to find molar mass of an unknown gas

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Ideal gas law

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  • How do you find the molecular weight of an unknown gas?

  • How would you find the molecular weight of an unknown gas? I would determine the mass of a fixed volume of the gas at a known temperature and pressure and then use the Ideal Gas Law to calculate the molar mass. The mass of an evacuated 255 mL flask is 143.187 g.

  • Can you calculate molar mass of a gas?

  • You can calculate anything, in any order. How to calculate molar mass of a gas? This molar mass of gas calculator is a tool that uses the ideal gas law formula to work out an unknown gas’ molar mass, and the number of moles of it present.

  • How to solve for moles of unknown gas?

  • The temperature in the laboratory is 23 o C and the air pressure is 0.987 atm. Calculate the molar mass of the gas and deduce its formula. Assume the gas is ideal. Step 1: List the known quantities and plan the problem. First the ideal gas law will be used to solve for the moles of unknown gas ( n).

  • How do you calculate molar mass from Avogadro’s number?

  • Since we know that 6.022 鈰?1023 represents Avogadro’s number, and is the equivalent of 1 mole, we can describe molar mass as being equal to M = m n, where m – the gas’ mass in grams; n – the number of moles of gas;

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