how to measure gas struts

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How to Measure your Gas StrutsMeasure the Extended Length. The extended length is the fully extended length of your support when measured from the center of the Ball Socket,Eyelet,or Rivet (if a bracket …Measure the Retracted Length. …Understand the Ending Types. …Stroke Length. …

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  • How do you measure the stroke of a gas strut?

  • The length of a Gas Strut is determined by measuring from the centre of one mount point (A) to the centre of the other (B) when the struts is fully extended. The stroke of a strut is the difference between these points when extended, versus fully compressed.

  • What size gas strut do I need for my application?

  • In order to find out what size gas strut you do need for your application, you can use the following guidelines. The length of the gas strut should be around 60% of the length of the lid, hatch or door. The position of the gas strut is determined by the length of the lid. The gas strut should be placed on the lid on 20% of the length.

  • What sizes do struts come in?

  • Strut Sizes – How to Measure a Strut. Gas Struts can be made to almost any size. Most stock is readily available with lengths from 235mm to 805mm in graduations of 10mm. Special builds and stainless steel 316 are also available.

  • What are the characteristics of a gas strut?

  • The function of the gas strut: should it open without any assistance, assist or hold open. The speed and frequency of movement. The dimensions of the application (width, thickness and length). The position of the application (the direction of operation). The weight of the application and its centre of gravity.

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