how to relieve gas in adults

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  • How to get rid of gas naturally?

  • Citric acid found in lemons helps break down gas-causing foods when they enter the digestive tract. You can drink a small glass of lemon juice mixed with some water to relieve gas. Or you can mix lime juice with baking powder in water to relieve gas. This mixture further helps to break down food and improve digestion.

  • How do you get rid of gas after a bowel movement?

  • A gentle self-massage can help ease pressure and cramping associated with gas and may even help relieve constipation. Rub your fingers in a small circular motion, moving clockwise and traveling up the right side of your stomach and down the left. Taking enzymes before you eat can help you better digest your meal.

  • What lifestyle changes can help prevent gas?

  • 5 Lifestyle Changes to Help Prevent Gas 1 Eat smaller portions of foods that cause you gas 2 Eat more slowly 3 Chew foods well 4 Don鈥檛 chew gum, smoke or drink through a straw as they can cause excessive swallowing of air 5 Avoid carbonated beverages

  • How to prevent gas and indigestion?

  • To prevent gas and indigestion, one should regularly chew fresh garlic piece after having a meal. If you do not want to chew it raw, add some dry pieces of garlic during the preparation of food. Drinking ginger tea is also effective in curing gas. Boil some ginger in hot water and strain it.

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