how to remove a locking gas cap

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Push a flat head screwdriver into the lock and turn, the same way as a key. These locks are not very strong, and often this does the trick. Step 2 Grasp the gascaptightly with the locking pliers, and give a good twist counterclockwise. The tabs that hold the lock in place should break off and the capshould come off.

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  • How do you lock a gas cap with a key?

  • Slip the key into the slot and hold the cap by the still with one hand while turning the key counterclockwise. Remove the key and check the lock by trying to open the cap. Locking gas caps are available for use on vehicles that are not sold with them. Check your favorite auto-parts store for a locking gas cap to fit your vehicle.

  • How do you remove a stuck gas cap?

  • It’s very quick and easy! This trick only works with plastic capped screw-in locking gas caps. Get a small Phillips screwdriver, pick, large nail or whatever you can find that’s strong enough to pierce the plastic cap. Between the handle and the outer edge place the screwdriver against the plastic.

  • How to get a locked gas cap off a motorcycle?

  • Getting a locked gas cap off a motorcycle shouldn鈥檛 be as tricky depending on the mechanism you have. The easiest way is to use your spare key or have one made if you have time and some money. If not, use some of the other methods we mentioned above.

  • How do you open the gas cap on a gas tank?

  • Though this is a simple method, you have to be especially careful with it. Drilling too far down can get a spark into the gas tank, causing it to ignite. To avoid this, drill only as far as your key would go. Then, use a flathead screwdriver to turn the lock, opening the cap.

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