how to turn off gas furnace

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Turn your thermostat off or as low as possible. If your thermostat controller has an 鈥淥ff鈥?switch,then turn it off completely so the furnace isn鈥檛 running anymore.Locate the dial or valve behind an access panel or on the gas intake pipe. …Switch the dial to the 鈥淥ff鈥?position if your furnace has one. Once you find the dial,press down on it so you鈥檙e able to rotate it.Rotate the gas valve on the intake pipe to turn it off. …

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  • How do you turn off the pilot light on a gas furnace?

  • To turn off the pilot light, find the valve on the gas line running directly to your furnace. Turn it to the 鈥渙ff鈥?position鈥攁.k.a. pointing away and running perpendicular to the gas line. Make sure you reposition the valve back to 鈥渙n鈥?when you turn your furnace back on in the fall.

  • How to turn off a gas furnace in an emergency?

  • Need to Turn Off a Gas Furnace? Here鈥檚 How to Do It Safely. 1 Step 1: Switch the mode on your thermostat. First things first: visit your thermostat. When it鈥檚 warm enough to open the windows, or maybe even turn … 2 Step 2: Replace the furnace filter. 3 Step 3: Check the pilot light. 4 *Bonus* In case of an emergency鈥? 5 Enjoy the Season!

  • Should I Turn Off my furnace in the summer?

  • If you live in areas that experience warm temperatures all day and night, consider turning off the furnace during summer. And, if you don鈥檛 live in the house full time, it would be best to turn off the furnace during summer to save energy.

  • What if there is no gas shut-off valve near my furnace?

  • If you suspect a leak near your gas furnace, for example, and find no gas shut-off valve near the furnace, the main shutoff valve may be the only option.

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