how to work gas fireplace

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A gas fireplace works by:Using a dedicated gas supply provided to the fireplace to burn as fuel. Using an electrical supply for the ignition system to work (needed for many modern gas fireplaces that use electronic ignition system rather than standing pilot lights).

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  • How to use a gas fireplace?

  • How To Use a Gas Fireplace. 1 1. Remove or open the fireplace screen. The outer cover typically keeps the fire chamber away from the rest of the room. Not only does this prevent … 2 2. Option 1: The Control Panel. 3 3. Option 2: The Key Valve. 4 4. Option 4: Use a Wall Switch. 5 3. Option 2: The Key Valve. More items

  • How do you light a propane fire in a gas fireplace?

  • Typically the panel will have a large red button and a dial that will need to be turned. First, turn the dial to the pilot position and start pushing the igniter button. Then once the fire lights, hold down the button for 15 to 30 seconds, and then let go of the knob. The fire should remain on, and you can adjust the flames.

  • How does the remote control work on a gas fireplace?

  • Remote Control. Many gas fireplaces operate with a remote control. Before the remote can work, the master switch must be in the 鈥淥n鈥?position on the fireplace. Those that don鈥檛 have remotes have a rocker-type switch located behind the lower grill on the fireplace that ignites the pilot light. In addition to an 鈥淥n/Off鈥?switch,…

  • How does a standing pilot gas fireplace work?

  • The ignition inside a standing pilot gas fireplace works as follows: Gas is supplied to the pilot from the mains gas supply. The controls are used to let gas through the pilot and to also provide the spark required to light the gas.

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