is pseg gas or electric

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Public Service Electric and Gas Co. (PSEG) is New Jersey’s largest provider ofelectric and natural gasservice 鈥?serving 2.3 million electric customers and 1.8 million gas customers. Also question is, what areas does PSEG cover? Its service territory covers two distinct areas separated by PSEG’s service territory.

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  • What does PSE&G mean?

  • Public Service Electric Gas (PSEG), sometimes also known as PSEG Electric, is part of the Public Service Enterprise Group.

  • What are the subsidiaries of PSEG Power?

  • PSEG Power has four main subsidiaries: PSEG Nuclear, PSEG Fossil, PSEG Energy Resources Trade and PSEG Power Ventures. PSEG Nuclear operates three nuclear units in South Jersey and has minority interest in two nuclear power plants in Pennsylvania.

  • What is Public Service Electric&Gas鈥檚 price to compare?

  • What is Public Service Electric Gas鈥檚 price to compare? The PSEG Price to Compare (PTC) is the rate Public Service Electric Gas charges to supply electricity or gas to your residence. For electric customers, the PTC depends on the exact kilowatt-hours (kWh) utilized each month.

  • Does PSE&G repair heating and cooling systems?

  • Depend on us to provide timely, reliable repair or replacement service for your heating and cooling systems, or your other major household appliances. PSEG’s team of highly skilled technicians are available to fix your heating and cooling systems, as well as your home appliances.

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