is shell and kroger gas the same

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  • What is the relationship between Shell and Kroger?

  • Kroger and Shell are separate entities with different business strategies, and the only similarity is that they source their fuel from the same supplier. Most Kroger Stations source their gas from Shell, and some of these locations take part in the fuel rewards program. Kroger card members get to earn and redeem fuel points at Shell locations.

  • How do I use my Kroger Plus card at Shell stations?

  • Effective Monday, February 15, Kroger and Shell are partnering together to offer Kroger Plus Card customers an even greater advantage to save on gasoline purchases. Simply scan your Kroger or Ralph鈥檚 Plus Card at participating Shell Gas Stations and you will receive the same fuel benefits once only available to you at Kroger Gas Stations.

  • Does Kroger gas have ethanol?

  • When Kroger gets its gas from Shell, it is ethanol-free. However, some customers have noted that Kroger gas has 10% ethanol provided on the state-mandated stickers at the station. This shows that Kroger gas ethanol levels vary per station, depending on the gas supplier.

  • Is Kroger gas top tier?

  • No, Kroger gas is not Top Tier but is of good quality. This is because it receives its gas from multiple suppliers; hence, its quality varies. Several factors determine gas quality. These include: Detergent Additives -This is the best measure to use. The higher the additives, the lower the gas quality.

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