is there a shortage of gas

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There isn’t a gas shortage

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  • Is there a gas storage shortage in the US?

  • Gas outages are being reported in some places, but there isn鈥檛 a gas crisis or a nationwide shortage. A lack of qualified truck drivers is creating fuel delivery disruptions at certain gas stations. Is there a gas storage in the U.S.? There isn’t a gas shortage, according to GasBuddy. GasBuddy tracks gasoline prices and availability nationwide.

  • Could tanker driver shortage cause gas stations to run out of gas?

  • A shortage of tanker truck drivers could cause some stations to run out of gas this summer, according to industry experts. We were even hauling boxes for Amazon just to keep our drivers busy, said Holly McCormick, vice president in charge of driver recruitment and retention at Groendyke Transport, an Oklahoma tanker company.

  • How bad is the gas shortage in Virginia and North Carolina?

  • Over half of the gas stations in Virginia are without gasoline. Things are even more grim in North Carolina, where almost three-quarters of stations are out of petrol, according to Gas Buddy, a company that helps consumers find real-time gas prices. Governors in both states have declared the crisis a State of Emergency.

  • Why is there a fuel shortage in the UK?

  • Major oil companies in the U.K. like Shell and ExxonMobil have confirmed that there isn’t a shortage of fuel in the U.K. According to the petrol pumps and government officials, the problem is due to panic buying and supply chain issues.

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