is there a shortage of gas

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  • Is there a gas shortage in America?

  • But don鈥檛 panic No, you鈥檙e not losing it. Those lines for gas are abnormally long. There鈥檚 a very real gas shortage taking hold in major states around the country right now. There was a ransomware attack on one of the major gas pipelines in the country鈥檚 energy infrastructure.

  • Was a gas shortage caused by a cyberattack?

  • As is often the case, rumors of a gas shortage led to discussions about gas prices fluctuating and speculation and anecdotes about gas stations running out of fuel. A number of social media posts reporting or warning of a gas shortage referenced a cyberattack as a precipitating factor.

  • Could tanker driver shortage cause gas stations to run out of gas?

  • A shortage of tanker truck drivers could cause some stations to run out of gas this summer, according to industry experts. We were even hauling boxes for Amazon just to keep our drivers busy, said Holly McCormick, vice president in charge of driver recruitment and retention at Groendyke Transport, an Oklahoma tanker company.

  • Why are gas prices so high?

  • With the supply seemingly shrinking, and demand going way up, that naturally leads to higher fuel prices. A 鈥?6鈥?gas station in Auburn, Washington has already begun reprogramming its pumps to 鈥渕ake room鈥?for double-digit pricing, according to the Post.

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