what are properties of a gas

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Properties of GasesCompressibility. Particles of gas have huge intermolecular spaces in the midst of them. …Expansibility. When pressure is exerted on gas,it contracts. …Diffusibility. The molecules of the gas are in perpetual motion,at a very high velocity. …Low Density. …Exertion of Pressure. …

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  • What are the physical properties of gases?

  • – Physical Properties Of Gases What are the Properties of Gases? Gasses do not possess any definite volume or shape. They totally fill all the space accessible to them.

  • What are the characteristics of gases to fill the available volume?

  • The characteristic or properties of gases to fill the available volume within a container is the result of the freedom that gas particles have to move everywhere in the accessible space. This autonomy of movement of gaseous molecules is because of the very weak binding forces amidst molecules.

  • What is a gas?

  • A gas is a form of matter that lacks a defined shape or volume. Gases share important properties, plus there are equations you can use to calculate what will happen to the pressure, temperature, or volume of a gas if conditions are changed.

  • What are the characteristics of gaseous molecules?

  • Gases are highly compressible and feature very large intermolecular distances. The gaseous state features very small attractive forces between the gas particles, which are separated from each other by relatively greater distances when compared to liquids and solids.

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