what are properties of a gas

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Properties of GasesCompressibility. Particles of gas have huge intermolecular spaces in the midst of them. …Expansibility. When pressure is exerted on gas,it contracts. …Diffusibility. The molecules of the gas are in perpetual motion,at a very high velocity. …Low Density. …Exertion of Pressure. …

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  • What are the 5 properties of a gas?

  • What Are Five Properties of Gases? 1 Low Density. Gases contain scattered molecules that are dispersed across a given volume and are therefore less dense than in their solid or liquid … 2 Indefinite Shape or Volume. 3 Compressibility and Expandability. 4 Diffusivity. 5 Pressure.

  • Why do gases have different properties from each other?

  • At higher pressures, intermolecular bonds between gas particles have a greater effect on the properties. Because of the space between atoms or molecules, most gases are transparent. A few are faintly colored, such as chlorine and fluorine. Gases tend not to react as much as other states of matter to electric and gravitational fields.

  • What is a gas?

  • A gas is a form of matter that lacks a defined shape or volume. Gases share important properties, plus there are equations you can use to calculate what will happen to the pressure, temperature, or volume of a gas if conditions are changed.

  • What property of gases makes them compressible?

  • This property results in gases occupying more space than they would in their liquid or solid state. Gases also contract and expand by predictable amounts depending upon changes in temperature and pressure. The low density of gases makes them compressible since their molecules can be positioned far apart from one another.

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